Afsluitdijk. Short film.

Ace & Tate. Commercial.

All the ads in Fantastic Man. Photography.

Volkskrant Magazine. Fashion issue.

My Body. Photography.

Nike Jordan. Commercial.

Meat. The Band.

Halal. Design.

Innocent Targets. Campaign.

Butt X-ray. Short film.

Shirt Stories. Brand.

Pretzel. Short film.

Rimer London. Music video.

Creatie. Commercial.

Mr. Boonstra; 

"Art Director, Designer, Creative Director, Filmmaker, Writer. What the hack is he?".
Part of the appeal is that this guy can’t be pigeonholed and the creative industry
doesn't seem to mind; Mr. Boonstra has worked
at some of the world’s finest agencies
and has made work for some of the worlds most interesting brands. His films were
selected at festivals, his payoffs were printed in 10 feet letters on giant billboards
around the globe, his websites were shared over 25 million times, his designs were applauded
at creative conventions and his heighth has
been mocked behind his muscular back (for
fear of a slap in the face by his giant ringed hand). He drove his motorcycle from
lectures to exhibitions to shoots and somehow managed to get married and reproduce
somewhere along the way. Hold on now! What??? Is there anything this guy can’t do?  
The answer is yes: Mr. Boonstra can't dance and can’t seem to drink a coffee without
breaking the cup with his enormous fingers. Wanna see for yourself? Hit him up on your
choice of communication. Better yet, email his assistant: 
I’m sure he’ll love to tell you all about how to channel his success for you and your brand.

Phone: +31 (0) 6 5758 6051